Let’s Go to The Beach… Pelabuhan Ratu and Sawarna Beach

What are you imagine about “Beach”? Yes absolutely beach, not bitch *sorry hehehe*. Yeah, last semester holiday My family and I went to Pelabuhan Ratu Beach dan Sawarna Beach. Have you ever know that? If no, then I will explain to you.

Actually Pelabuhan Ratu and Sawarna are in Indonesia, but Pelabuhan Ratu is in West Java Province, while Sawarna is in Banten Province. It was a beautiful and virgin beach. The water was still clear, the sand was very white rocky, and the most fantastic is the air was very fresh. It was the first time, and I am very recommend you to visit it.

Let us discuss first about Pelabuhan Ratu Beach.

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A you can see, it was my photos with my family. You can imagine it how enjoy you will be, making a sand castle, playing volley beach, or just sit and feel the sunset. If you do not want to play with water, you can just sit and watch the surrounding by drink a green coconut. To touch down the beach from the Sukabumi city (the nearest city from the beach), it takes about 60-80 km that means it takes like 2 hours for the trip to get there.

Now is Sawarna Beach turn.

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White, fresh and clear are the best describe os Sawarna Beach. You can see it by my photos. In Sawarna, there are 2 big coral reef as the icon of Sawarna. This beach is very far form the big city. From Serang (the capital of the province) it takes about 150-200 km, it like 5-6 hours for the journey.

This 2 beach have their own unique, but Sawarna Beach is more virgin and more clean than Pelabuhan Ratu Beach, maybe it because far from the big and modern city so it takes and use more energy to get there. Everything what you want to get if you work hard to get it and pray, I believe it will be happened.

How is it? is it great? Do you want to get there? Come on and visit Indonesia.